Effective engineering solutions for safety and life support

Solutions and services

Offering customers modern solutions in the field of security engineering, the Peleng specialists always focus on current achievements and developments that ensure the durability and reliability of functional systems. We offer our clients optimal integrated solutions that meet the necessary regulations, while doing this with respect to economic feasibility.

The technical review carried out by our specialists will allow us to implement a project of any complexity ranging from the basic infrastructure to complex digital lines of work.

Hotels, restaurants, clubs
Medical institutions
Restoration of historical objects
Educational institution
Industrial facilities
Shopping and entertainment centers
Innovation centers
Logistics centers
Commercial and office real estate
House construction
Sports facilities
Project development
  • FEED and collection of initial data
  • Design documentation development
  • Detail documentation development
  • Approvals
  • Equipment and materials
  • Import-export in accordance with the Customer requirements
  • Warranty and service
  • Assembly of telecommunication cabinets
  • Installation and construction work
  • Performance of technical inspection
Integration of engineering systems
  • Commissioning works
  • Technical assistance
Commissioning the facility
Customer training